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Review of a Nikon F6 on Amazon

You Must By a Cartridge of Tape

…Richard Fee found this review of a Nikon F6 on Amazon, via R.O. Teague’s twitter:

Now, this could well be a joke, and probably is. But none of the guy’s other reviews are ironic, sarcastic, or humorous, and just the possibility that this could be sincere was enough to make me chuckle.

I especially like the line “You must by a cartridge of tape.”

(Thanks to Richard)

Featured Comment by Slobodan Blagojevic: “…And 83 people found his review actually helpful…now, that is really scary. 😉 ”

UPDATE from Quan Ha: “The reviewer did eventually chime in to let everyone in on the joke:

Posted on Feb. 20, 2011 9:51 PM PST / Last edited by the author 1 hour ago / R. Sawyer says: Thanks for the compliments! Glad my review is HELPFUL to so many people (Holy moly—210 and counting!). I wrote this review after spending weeks on a mundane writing assignment while I was in my last year of law school. Tired of the lengthy techno-group-think reviews found everywhere on camera sites, I wanted to write something pithy, and satire is my favorite form of humor. […] Hopefully this inspires more of you to sprinkle fun reviews throughout the web. However, be cautioned: as many of these angry comments suggest, satire is the fine wine of humor, and you may want to start with something more universally understandable like puns. The best part about this “15-minutes of fame” is that my wife now thinks that I might actually be funny. Sense of humor validated. Now for a shameless plug, Ken Rockwell style— <—shameless plug for my business.

83 out of 278 people found the review helpful!” What more can I say?! :))

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