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Fuji Sensia R.I.P.

August 12, 2010 Leave a comment

After Neopan 400 (120) was dropped now we can see Sensia as well, according British Journal of Photography . It seems that Fujifilm attitude towards film is dethroned for the digital era. Shame Fujfilm. It’s a wrong move!

Fujifilm ceases manufacture of its Sensia slide films, blaming “increasing production costs and decreasing demand globally”. Fujifilm Professional has just announced thatits Japanese HQ has ceased making its Fujichrome Sensia slide film range “with immediate effect”.

In a statement the company said the UK holds sufficient stocks of most speeds of Sensia to satisfy demand until December.

“Due to increasing production costs and decreasing demand globally, all Fujichrome Sensia film (ISO 100, 200 & 400) has been discontinued,” says Fujifilm’s product manager for Professional Film in the UK, Gabriel Da Costa. “Our laboratory in Leeds will continue to process and mount Fujichrome Sensia film until all stocks are depleted, including all rolls previously sold and awaiting processing.”

The company lists the following benefits of the film on its website: “Stunning sharpness and granularity – brings unbelievable clarity from this higher speed film; excellent long-exposure performance – with no loss of image quality when longer exposure times are called for; optimum slide presentation – superb depth and clarity when projected, also in enlargements.”

However, Da Costa claims its remaining range will fullfill most photographers needs.

“Fujichrome Provia or Fujichrome Velvia are both ready-made replacements for Sensia, and both these ranges are readily available. Customers can continue to have their professional film processed and mounted using our Fujifilm E6 Processing Vouchers available from the laboratory itself. We have no plans to close our Leeds processing operation and we will continue to support E6, C41, B&W and RA4 services for our customers.”

Jonathan Eastland, a veteran professional photographer and longtime film user who is one of BJP’s leading technical experts, comments:

” It’s inevitable that as the manufacturers of digital cameras tighten their grip with more and more sophisticated and easy to use models, the variety of film emulsions will diminish. Slide film has been particularly targeted recently; we have lost Kodachrome and now this, but frankly it doesn’t come as any surprise. If you can’t sell it, why make it?

“I have stopped using reversal materials altogether now. I made a decision last year when Kodak launched its new Ektar 100, that was really the way to go if you still needed film, as I do. It’s finer grained – virtually ‘noiseless’ –  than all reversal emulsions, has more latitude and is quick and easy to process and scan.

“The gradual demise of the use of film is a great shame in my opinion, but there it is. It’s the world we live in. In my humble estimate, there’s a huge lack of appreciation out there for the wonderful aesthetic look that film of all types can lend to an image. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to count in a world that is rushing nowhere like a lot of headless chickens.”

Source: British Journal of Photographyfuji-sensia
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