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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment

La multi ani tuturor! Va doresc un an mai vesel si plin de zambet si lumina buna!
Sa ne vedem cu bine la anul! 🙂

Si un citat care mie mi-a incalzit sufletul! Pe langa vin fiert cu scortisoara, mar si cozonac! 🙂

Watch, listen, shoot every day, not everyday, look at the best work obsessively, give yourself time, realize you just ain’t got it when comparing your work to the very best, don’t get cynical, reinvestigate hallucinogens to expand your thinking (optional), take more photos (not optional), browse your archive and cringe, and (hopefully) smile that at least you’re not that bad anymore, thank god you didn’t submit any of those to HCSP, ponder what you’ll think of your current work in 12 months, see previous, rethink yourself 20 times before starting a thread on HCSP, kill your television, worship your gods then kill them, with reverence, get off your computer and go outside, take more photos, use less equipment, screw on your balls of steel, treat yourself to a cool bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag (as much), shoot some chromes on a 40-year-old rangefinder, look at some of the best 40-year-old photos taken on a rangefinder, smack your head and say holy **** they were good, take pictures, make glorious failures, take pictures, loosen the **** up, buy an ipod and listen to Tom Waits (vintage) while on the street, and realize that good street photography is ****ing Everest so lighten up, give yourself a break, celebrate good work, learn, learn, learn, shoot, shoot, shoot and most importantly, get the **** out the door.

At least that’s what I tell myself, and I have to commute.

Oh yeah, and smile. Always smile.

– Tom Hyde


Merry X-mas!

December 25, 2010 1 comment

In primul rand as vrea sa va urez tuturor un Craciun minunat alaturi de cei dragi, masa plina de cozonac, multa fericire si nu in ultimul rand cadouri! 🙂

Am reusit sa inauguram noul studio, cadoul nostru de la mos! 🙂 Ne bucuram tare mult si va asteptam cu drag 🙂

Intre timp postez primele cadre pe un film Fujifilm NPS 160, scanate cu scanerul Plustek 7200, care e un scaner dedicat pentru format 135. Din pacate, in unele cadre se vor vedea amprente. Vechea problema care se intampla la chioscurile unde se developeaza in proces automat C41. Anyway, sper sa va placa 🙂

Vi-l prezint pe Benny! 🙂 O sa il regasiti si in pozele ce vor urma…mai sunt multe de scanat.

Leica – the MVP camera!

December 7, 2010 1 comment

WestLicht Auction on December 4th, 2010 ended sucessfully!


This auction’s highlight, a rare Leica MP2 from 1958 with a start price of 80,000 EUR, was hammered for incredible 402,000 EUR (incl. premium). The buyer now posses the most expensive Leica camera ever sold!

The results for the Nikon lots are equally impressive. Two lots of this section now share the world record for the most expensive Nikon camera on earth! The Nikon S2-E, a viewfinder camera built in 1957, was hammered for 168,000 EUR (starting price: 90,000 EUR) – for the same amount a Nikon F3 NASA from 1968 found a new owner. The selling price of this camera exceeded the start price of 16,000 EUR more than ten times!

The photo auction conducted on the same day was also a great success. The highlight of the auction was a 1914 portrait of Egon Schiele by Josef Trcka which was bought by a European dealer for 43.200 EUR incl. premium. A portrait by Gustav Klimt started at 6,000 EUR and was hammered for 15,600 EUR.

Our next WestLicht auction will be held on May 28th 2011.

Source (text and photo)

Leica remains the MVP camera of the world in photography (MVP – most valuable player) 🙂