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How to use a film picker

March 31, 2010 3 comments

Today we learn how to extract a film with a film picker.

What do you need to extract the film from the film cassete?
A film picker, which can be bought in stores. In Romania, the film pickers can be bought online at F64 store. Here are two examples of film pickers – Kaiser and Martin.

A film picker is usefull in the following cases:
– When you want to keep a film container as a reserve for film bulk loader,
– When you want to use just a few frames out of a roll of film and want to change the film from your camera,
– When you want to test a particular part of the film has already been exposed,
– When you want to develop that roll of film,
– When you want to label a film as exposed film or to note other information related to that particular film,
– When you drew the film inside the film container by mistake.

These are a few of the cases in which an film picker would be usefull.


The film picker, in my case a Jessops.
The film cassete and the film container, PVC.


The film picker is composed of three pieces of plastic (the white).
The first is for support, the second slot A is meant to stop the film inside and third, slot B, is used to catch the film with slot A.

The three pieces of plastic of the film picker are inserted into slot of film casette. After you have entered the three plastic parts of the film picker into the slot …

Fig.3 and 4

… just push the slot A inside of the film casette.


Catch the spool with your fingers and spin in counter clockwise. Spins of the film until you hear a sound inside the film casette. After you hear this sound, do not leave the spool from your fingers or you’ll lose the possibility of the film inside to return to the starting position that was before spinning and spinning process should be resumed.

Fig. 6 and 7

After you’ve ensured that the spool is caught well between your fingers, insert the slot B of the film picker.

Fig. 8 and 9

After this, let go of the spool, pull easely on the A and the B slots (together) and you will see the film come out of the film casette.

Fig. 10

As you can see the film is out of the film casette and it can now be used.

Figure 11

After several attempts you will see how easily it can be extracting the film 😉

Thank you!

I’m sorry for the quality of this video. I used a Nokia E50 mobile.

Thanks for the support to Vlad Dodan.

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