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The Magnum Expression Photography Award

The Magnum Expression Photography Award

The Magnum Expression Photography Award was established by Magnum Photos and HP with the goal of raising awareness and inspiring change through campaigns using photography as an expressive medium. Its mission is to discover and illuminate compelling documentary photography employed in innovative ways to affect social awareness and propel humanitarian compassion.

The inaugural theme for the award is Communities.

A sense of community is at the core of our lives, in some cases it unites us and in others it divides us from one another. This universal force is omnipresent in humankind and our diverse forms of expression, from acts of benevolence and kindness to movements of oppression and isolation. Each manifestation of human action has its causes and effects, its beneficiaries or victims. These impulses and actions are shaped by our individual identities and reflect our collective spirit. The judges urge participants to embrace the theme of communities and consider the expansive nature of how it pervades our lives and affects our perceptions. Participants’ submissions may be for a completed project or one that is ongoing.

Criteria for Evaluation
» Excellence & inventiveness in building a photographic narrative.
» Singularity of vision and compassion for the subjects.
» Ability to produce a thought-provoking visual presentation.

And the winners for 2009…

The Magnum Expression Award 2010

The Magnum contest for next year.

Theme: “Documentary”
Deadline: September 30, 2010.

The 2010 Magnum Expression Award encourages photographers word-wide to share their documentary projects. There are no limitations on the subject matter of your submission. The judges will be looking for compelling projects that go beyound the surface level to provide fresh and engaging perspectives on the chosen subject.

Click here to enter contest

Good luck!

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